Volume Lash Extension



Hybrid Fullset                          1 hr 15 min         $135


This look is more natural full set and looks like you have mascara on and placed throughout the eyes .It is not as dramatic as typical volume lash extension.  Combo of classic and volume.            




Volume Full Set- 2-4D                       2 hrs           $150


Glamorous Full Set!!! 2-4 extension to 1 natural lash.
Using feather-light lashes, multiple lashes are applied to each natural lash creating the ultimate set of full, fluffy, dramatic eyelash extensions.                               




Mega Volume /Straggered Effect          2.5 hrs       $170


This is great for someone that want bold and couture effect. Dense and Dramatic, for those that like a very dark lash line and "made up" look. Still soft, weightless and fluffy. 4-10 very fine eyelash extensions added to each individual lash of your own.This often refer to Hollywood Lash.   





Hybrid Fill 1 hr-2 extensions fan per natural lash. This volume fill replaces lashes that shed naturally up to 50 percent -Over 3 weeks must book an extended fill                                                           $70


Hybrid Extended Fill- Extended fill is for extra shedding or needed extra TLC. 35% retention. Or fullset is required.




4d Volume Fill 1 hr- 4 to 10 extensions fan per natural lash- with 50% retention.



4d Extended Volume Fill- Over 3 weeks with 35% percent retention. Or fullset is required.